Focus Groups & Brainstorms

It pays to conduct research into how users feel about what you offer, particularly when preparing a new product or service, or looking to refine an existing line.

It is extremely valuable to understand what features potential users value and how they feel existing options can be improved.

In addition, involvement in a focus group can help key customers or targets to feel valued by your organisation, so these groups are ideal for fostering mutually beneficial relationships with clients or customers.

We have devised and implemented many focus groups to test opinions on new ideas or services.

Material generated this way can also be used for reports, presentations and media campaigns.

Acting as a third party, we have conducted focus groups and attitude audits for client companies, inviting delegates, setting up venues, leading and recording discussion, and reporting key findings.

We have also assisted in the preparation of meetings where clients have taken a more pro-active role in leading proceedings and driving debate.

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