Melbourn 3D animation


To demonstrate the facilities offered by pharmaceutical analytical services company Melbourn Scientific and capture the attention of visitors at the PABORD trade show.


An interactive 3D walkthrough animation was created to unveil the expanded range of services available at Melbourn Scientific’s new state-of-the-art laboratories.

A holographic display was used, with back-projection and content running from a laptop computer.

The large-scale interactive screen (from Visual Planet) gave delegates at the PABORD trade show an opportunity to view the new laboratories in a highly novel and engaging way.

There was also a competition, inviting visitors to ‘find the i-dog’ in the virtual lab.


•  The new laboratories were effectively showcased to international delegates from across the drug discovery and development sector using an approach which certainly created a wow factor.

•  The interactive walkthrough demonstrated Melbourn Scientific’s commitment to leading-edge technology.

•   A sustained buzz formed around the stand as visitors were immediately drawn into the impressive display and 3D photorealistic graphics.

Pharmaceutical launch with 3D animation


•  The walkthrough functioned effectively as an ice-breaker for the lab-staff working on the stand, helping them to engage more easily with clients.

•  An additional benefit was that the interactive content could be re-used as a laptop presentation by sales teams visiting clients who were unable to attend the show.

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