Generating media interest


Reports and books are being launched all the time, so to create an impact it is vital to create a compelling news hook.

The World Atlas of Great Apes, was being launched by UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre ahead of an international convention. Although an interesting subject, the book was a collation of pre-existing information. Holdsworth Associates was tasked with making the Atlas headline grabbing.


The Atlas contained no new data or statistics, but it was the first time that this comprehensive information had been brought together. To demonstrate this Holdsworth Associates collated the information within a single table and used case-studies and observations from the Atlas to create a number of issue-based stories to illustrate the threats to the great apes. London Zoo and other zoos were contacted to provide filming opportunities for the broadcast media.


The launch received international and national coverage including the BBC Breakfast programme, the One O’Clock News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Newsround, The Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Independent and scientific publications such as New Scientist and Nature and consumer magazines such as BBC Wildlife magazine.

Sales of the Atlas exceeded expectations. The Atlas was referenced throughout the following week as the Kinshasa Conference progressed and is now a key text within the media for great ape population and conservation data.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre great ape in a national newspaper

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