Creating strong business stories


HSBC had been involved in a number of important deals but had received little recognition for its involvement. When Holdsworth Associates was asked to create a campaign which would support HSBC’s position as a good partner for mergers and acquisitions within the mid market, we decided to revisit the deals and add some human interest.


Financial announcements are usually dry and of little interest to the regional media, so we decided to look at the people behind the deals and the long term benefit of selecting HSBC to the growth and stability of the company.

To create sustained coverage within the midlands regional and business media, a series of case-studies were created showing the success of businesses ‘one year on’.

These were first person accounts based on interviews with mid market directors.


Good quality, sustained coverage in financial and business media and local stories in regional business pages.

Quotes obtained from the company directors provided strong independent endorsement of HSBC. This raised the profile of the team with accountants and other potential partners.

HSBC - Creating strong business stories

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