Gaining profile with investors


Cambridge company CBL had developed a new technology that could spray dry vaccines, allowing them to be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration. The technology had huge potential, but the challenge was how to reach and influence high net-worth individuals and encourage them to invest in a new vaccine technology.


Holdsworth Associates developed a campaign that would reach the hearts and minds of potential investors. A story was developed based on a ‘developing world first’ market strategy.

It showed how the technology could save the lives of 10 million children within the existing aid budgets by removing the wastage in current vaccine programmes. The minister for overseas development was persuaded to speak on the subject.

An animation was created for use by the broadcast media and to explain the technology to investors.


Widespread international exposure, including extensive coverage on the broadcast news programmes. As a result CBL attracted the largest ever Angel Syndicate (high net worth individuals) and millions of pounds of funding.

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