Changing attitudes towards insect protein


Innovia Technology provides innovation consultancy for the world’s best known brands but most of its work is highly confidential.  Its brief to Holdsworth Associates was to gain profile for its expertise in food technology without mentioning a client.


Insects could provide a sustainable source of protein but there are many hurdles to overcome – including the ‘yuck’ factor. Innovia has specialist knowledge of behavioural science and food processing and its consultant Greg Dickens, was passionate about the potential of insects to fill the protein gap.  So we developed a story about how insect protein could be processed into textured protein chunks to overcome consumer resistance.


To gain a hook for the story we teamed up with Harper Adam University who had just issued an ‘Edible Bug Challenge’ at the agricultural show ‘Cereals’. Using third party comment provided endorsement for the story. We contacted trade, broadcast and regional media and sold in a story about how consumer objections could be overcome and the technical issues resolved to make insect protein a viable option – offering the enticement that Greg was prepared to eat insects on request!


Innovia media relations - Changing attitudes towards insect protein


A fun presentation communicated a more serious message and gained profile for Innovia as an innovator in food processing

Coverage included:

  • A range of food technology titles in print and online
  • Broadcast pieces on ITV Anglia and Cambridge TV
  • Regional coverage

Created opportunities for Twitter and a reason for Innovia’s business development to contact key targets.

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