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Making R&D knowledge and research more easily accessible

Brief and Objectives

RADMA (the Research and Development Management Association) is a membership organisation that supports research, good practice and innovation formed by academics. Holdsworth Associates was approached to help better disseminate the research, articles and tools relevant to research and development management in organisations.

Research, planning and strategy

A community outreach website was to be created, as a portal to signpost practitioners to resources recommended by peers. Content would include research, articles and tools – the website would then be publicly launched at the R&D Management Conference 2016.

Holdsworth Associates planned for the website to be arranged around certain key themes, determined in collaboration with the RADMA trustees. It was strategized that the website would be built to allow for users to easily select a theme and/or content type – for example, an academic paper or a research tool – and for new themes to be easily added as the community expands.

Campaign tactics, creativity and innovation

It was proposed that each theme should be managed by two or three theme editors, responsible for the supply of recommended content (blogs, papers, articles etc.) for their respective theme. The inclusion of themes would generate greater attraction for targeted R&D managers, focusing on topics such as roadmapping.

The website design would complement the RADMA brand, utilising recognisable colours while still providing a stand-alone user experience.

To further enhance the community outreach and ease of access for interested parties, Holdsworth Associates would additionally create an email newsletter, a YouTube channel and a SoundCloud channel for podcasts.

R&D Today - making R&D knowledge and research more easily accessible

Implementation of Tactics

The community outreach website R&D Today was successfully designed within a time-frame and populated with content, in order to announce its launch at the R&D Management conference.

Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were created to help provide additional means of communication and outreach.

Measurement & Evaluation

Over 7,500 page views were recorded over the six months since the website went live. As a result of promotion on LinkedIn and by theme editors, readership and interest continues to grow.

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Delivering content strategies for social media

About Bourn Hall Clinic

Bourn Hall Clinic is the world’s first IVF clinic and provides a sanctuary for people seeking support for fertility issues.

Holdsworth Associates saw an opportunity for using social media to provide friendly and informed dialogue with existing and potential patients; to provide reassurance on issues of concern to them and an update on developments at the Clinic.

Bourn Hall Clinic is professional and approachable and it was important that social media activity had the same tone of voice.

Objectives of social media

  • Maintain BHC’s position as the premier provider of IVF treatment in the East of England
  • Show that the clinic is approachable, supportive, professional, friendly and keen to communicate and engage with others through social media
  • Attract more visitors to the website and increase online presence
  • Provide a means of responding to industry
  • Responsive to the methods of communication and research used by clients/potential clients.
Social media for Bourn Hall Clinic: Ensuring a consistent social media presence

Strategy for social media

It was agreed that the social media would be driven by a blog – this would allow the client to approve materials before they became live. The blog would have a friendly and informative tone of voice. It would link to Facebook and Twitter to allow patient interaction.

Prior to the social media going live HA helped BHC to prepare through:

  • Social media training of staff to develop their skills and explaining in particular the risks and benefits.
  • Advice on development of a social media strategy and protocol, including a crisis management strategy.
  • Allocation of responsibilities for content, monitoring and response

The strategy has been well received by patients, staff and others with an interest in fertility treatment.

Ensuring a consistent social media presence
Ensuring a consistent social media presence


Improved contact

Holdsworth Associates has maintained a flow of content for the blog, with posts designed to reach different audiences and optimised for different search terms. The blog content proposed by Holdsworth Associates has been accepted by the client without any significant editing as appropriate in content, tone of voice and congruence with the client’s strong brand and ethics.

Enhanced presence

The blog creates wider online profile and greater opportunities to come up in organic search.

Accurate source of information

The Bourn Hall blog has provided a channel for disseminating factually accurate and up-to-date information about a wide range of topics that affect those who are undergoing, or considering undergoing fertility treatment.


Facebook and the blog site have remained consistently in the top 10 referral sites for visitors to the BHC website.

Rapport with patients

Facebook provides an interactive forum. We had thought that people would be reluctant to ‘like’ the site but have found that successful patients in particular are happy to ‘like’ BHC and post pictures of their babies, providing independent endorsement.

Social media for Bourn Hall Clinic: Ensuring a consistent social media presence

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Gaining profile with investors


Cambridge company CBL had developed a new technology that could spray dry vaccines, allowing them to be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration.

The technology had huge potential, but the challenge was how to reach and influence high net-worth individuals and encourage them to invest in a new vaccine technology.

How we did it?

Holdsworth Associates developed a communications campaign that would reach the hearts and minds of potential investors.

A story was created based on ‘developing world first’ market strategy. It clearly showed how the technology could save the lives of 10 million children within the existing aid budgets by removing the wastage in current vaccine programmes.

An animation was created for use by the broadcast media, and to embed online to explain the technology to potential investors.


  • Widespread international exposure, including extensive coverage on the broadcast news programmes
  • The Minister for overseas development spoke on the subject, citing our vaccine argument
  • As a result CBL attracted the largest ever Angel Syndicate (high net worth individuals) and millions of pounds of funding

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