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PR & Strategic Communications

Strategic PR is one of the most effective means of raising your business profile.

We consider PR to be the art of creating a positive environment for our clients. So your name is not only recognised, but respected by key influencers, decisions makers and your key targets. Whether consumers, businesses or potential investors.

Effective communications should change attitudes, increase awareness and understanding, and result in action. We create and implement innovative, integrated, cost-effective campaigns that achieve results.

Our team of specialists provides unique PR campaigns and strategic communications designed to meet your business objectives – which we can flexibly change as you grow and develop.

We provide you with meaningful, regular reports that enable you to track progress.

Although PR works best as a sustained activity, we also deliver short bespoke projects. Working closely with you to define the objectives, desired outcomes and budget at the outset.

This may include media relations, content strategies and creation, social media outreach, branding, website management, market research and surveys, case study sourcing, influencer engagement, direct mails and events.

If our proposals require additional expertise, we maintain excellent working relationships with a selected number of experienced associates to provide high quality services as and when required. This is a transparent process that we project-manage on your behalf, to ensure you receive a full service agency offering.

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Case studies

How do you make deep tech relevant to society? Story telling with the help of Star Wars gained the interest of pupils.
David Smith launching the Report
Farm of the future
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Digital & Social Media

Every business needs a digital strategy to support or, more often, lead your communications.

We can raise your profile and help engage your target audiences by employing the most effective digital tactics through the most relevant social media channels. Be that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. All leading back to an engaging website.

To us, digital and social communications are not just a numbers game. Achieving thousands of hits is pointless, if it is the wrong people who are clicking!

Our approach is based on creating relevant and original content that is optimised for both humans and search engines. This is delivered through sustained as well as shorter, more intensive communications strategies. We agreed campaigns with you in advance to ensure, together, we are able to generate a lively flow of information.

Implementing digital analytics, we find the right people who you want to engage with and make sure you appear in their digital sphere.

By making your digital and social platforms work well together, visitors, followers and connections have a consistent online experience that provides them with what they are searching for – helping to convert their interest into engagement and action with you.

Holdsworth Associates was awarded silver for ‘Best use of social media’ in the PRide awards.

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Case studies

REAP 2022 - Belinda talking to Look East
R&D Today - Making R&D knowledge and research more easily accessible
Cambridge Biostability CBL - Gaining profile with investors
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Content Creation & Production

Original content is the key to successful communications

Our content is clear, engaging and evidence-based.

We are skilled writers and producers, who can create on-message content for your media packages, blogs, event materials, website, social media and much more.

We guarantee that all of our online content is SEO optimised and underpinned by key word analysis to encourage engagement.

Our experience and expertise in scientific, technical and consumer-focused communications mean we quickly get up to speed on new subjects. Producing content that speaks to your target audiences, whether they are informed or all-together new to the topic.

Content creation production

Example portfolio

We have helped to produce a number of videos and animations for a variety of purposes. You can view some of them below.

PBD Biotech: Actiphage TB blood test

Bourn Hall: Drug Teach

nu Angle: Technology Strategy

Cambridge Biostability: Vaccine

Agri-Tech East at the House of Lords

Bourn Hall: 35 Years of IVF

Melbourn Scientific: About us

BlueGnome: 24Sure

Case studies

Farm of the future
CPC Adam Henson opens memorial garden
The healthcare, medical device and wireless communities collaborated in this workshop which had four different strands.
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